Description Cosmetic apparatus Plasma Pen MAGLEV LN-1699 for plasma therapy, blepharoplasty

Cosmetic device Plasma Pen MAGLEV for plasma therapy General: Do you want to rejuvenate your face without surgery? Get to know the action of the Plasma Pen. This is the development of Korean cosmetologists, the principle of which is based on carbon dioxide ablation and coagulation. This compact device is able to effectively solve the problems of aging skin, smooth out expression lines, age wrinkles or small scars, remove pronounced pigmentation, spider veins, and make wide pores less visible. The device shows especially good results when tightening and smoothing thin layers of skin (the area around the eyes, upper and lower eyelids). Its convenient and well-thought-out shape allows you to process the required area with high precision, strictly determining the microdose of exposure. The device is completely safe, the depth of penetration of the beam is set within the reticular dermis, which guarantees a flawless lifting of the skin.

PLASMA PEN OPERATING PRINCIPLE: The essence of the procedure is that a plasma arc is created between the needle and the skin surface, resembling a small lightning. This arc is able to destroy unwanted skin formations and tighten the skin. It is important that the surrounding tissue is not damaged. Healing happens very quickly. The tip of the device (needle) acts with small points at a certain distance from each other. Skin sublimation occurs at every point. In this case, bleeding does not occur, and the surrounding tissues are not damaged.

Underneath the tiny spots, healing occurs while the skin contracts. Small scales will fall off after 5-7 days, and the maximum effect of plasma exposure will become noticeable after 3-5 weeks. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Advantages of plasma blepharoplasty Plasma Pen: Ease of use (Simple, compact device with 3 operating modes. Up to 1 hour battery operation, Supports plug-in mode) Skin rejuvenation and tightening (removing old skin, smoothing wrinkles, lifting sagging eyelids, eliminating sagging skin , alignment of the face contour) Safe removal (neoplasms (papillomas, warts), fibromas, nevi, warts, scars, papillomas, age spots, xanthelasm, dyskeratosis) Short recovery period Absence of scars, Fast healing Removal of tattoos (in 2-3 doses you can easy to remove tattoos) Long-term results High efficiency: the results of the procedure are equated to plastic surgery. To achieve the desired result, it may take 1-3 procedures with an interval of 3 months.

It is very important to follow all instructions for the care of the treated area after the procedure! INDICATIONS FOR USE: Lift of the upper and lower eyelids Deep and fine wrinkles Removal of neoplasms (papillomas, warts, etc.) Removal of hyperpigmentation Couperosis Post-acne Scars and stretch marks Non-abelative non-surgical blepharoplasty Elimination of wrinkles: around the eyes (chicks’ paws), around the eyes on the abdomen (postpartum abdomen) Treatment of stretch marks Removal of tattoos Alignment of the contour of the face Treatment of acne, post-acne, removal of fibroma, nevi, warts, scars, papillomas, age spots, xanthelasmus, dyskeratosis Contraindications: Despite the comfort and safety, non-surgical blepharoplasty is not shown to everyone. Like any hardware technology, it has a number of contraindications: Diseases of blood clotting; Diabetes; Inflammatory process in the treatment area; Lupus; Pregnancy and lactation; Oncology; Previously undergone blepharoplasty.

Specifications: Voltage: 100V / 110V – 220V / 240V

Frequency: 1.1MHz ± 0.3MHz Contact spot size: 0.06mm.

Operating modes (power levels) – 2 power levels.

Relative humidity: 45-77% (non-condensing) Atmospheric pressure: 70kPa-106kPa.

The device operates on a built-in battery. Size: 230x230x65 mm. (packing) Weight: 900 grams Adapter: 12 V, 1 A

Complete set: PLASMA PEN MAGLEV device A set of disposable needles: 3 needles for removing excess flap, 1 needle for removing neoplasms. Charger Case for storage and transportation.

Characteristics Cosmetic apparatus Plasma Pen MAGLEV LN-1699 for plasma therapy, blepharoplasty


  • PLASMA PEN MAGLEV apparatus A set of disposable needles: 3 needles for removing excess flap, 1 needle for removing neoplasms. Charger Case for storage and transportation.
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