PBSERUM Enzymatic Reagents HA 1.5 High

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PBSERUM HIGH is a lipolytic product. It provides stimulation of metabolism as well as degradation of triglycerides after injection. Unlike conventional lipolysis products, fat cells are not destroyed.

This means that it eliminates unpleasant side effects.

For Advance Cell Therapy – Lipase, Collagenase, Lyase


Collagenase Col G / H PB200, Lipase PB 500, Lyase LYA PB72k

Application areas:

Especially suitable for the treatment of:

– edema, especially if it is associated with fibrosis

– slack tissue around the eyes, bags under the eyes (fat and / or Fluid retention)

– flaccid tissue, skin tightening in general (e.g., face, neck, cleavage, body)


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