Bonetta Filler Fine (2 x 1ml)


Removal of delicate and superficial skin lines and wrinkles is not only easy but also affordable when using the Bonetta Filler Fine – a premium quality dermal filler gel offered at a budget price. This double package comes with two syringes of the highest quality HA based filler, made from purified, non-animal in origin Hyaluronic acid. Enough to target multiple areas, Bonetta Filler Fine is a useful tool for hiding the signs of aging of the entire face, while at the same time ensuring prolonged skin rejuvenation.


One of the main advantages of soft HA gel like Bonetta Filler Fine is that is has double effect on the skin. While the primary aim when injecting HA gel is to remove wrinkles, the product also helps the long term skin hydration. Hyaluronic acid is natural to the human body and actually takes a vital part in the skin moisturizing processed. Injecting a high-quality skin gel based on it, helps the skin to restore (or improve) its natural hydration properties, which helps to reduce wrinkle formation. It’s a beneficial effect not just for aging skin, but also weathered and affected by the environment skin.

Bonetta Filler Fine – where is it injected?

Soft Hyaluronic fillers are often the most versatile type. Virtually the entire face is a prime target for using Bonetta Filler Fine, should the skin condition allow it. With this HA gel, doctors can treat:

  • Various superficial wrinkles
  • Initial wrinkle formation
  • Shallow skin depressions
  • Skin depressions under the eyes
  • Initial / shallow marionette lines
  • Superficial smile lines
  • Less pronounced nasolabial folds
  • Shallow glabellar and especially brow lines

Further, for patients looking for a softer effect when getting lip augmentation, the Bonetta Filler Fine will provide a delicate solution, with an acceptably lasting effect when compared to “proper” lip fillers.


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