With the Derma Medical 4 Ecuri presents its flagship with the Sensi-drive system. This unique technology adapts the speed and impact pressure of the needle to the type of skin being treated.



The latest generation of computer technology feels by itself with what force and speed to make the needle move. This makes the pigmentation incredibly homogeneous and optimizes the hold of the work. The new handpiece automatically detects the type of skin and sets the pressure according to it. This handpiece has an unparalleled lightness, it is silent and extremely precise.

Hygienic modules

The Sensi-drive handpiece is also equipped with cartridge needle modules. TPEC modules are very large cartridges that cover a large part of the handpieces. Inside they are equipped with a membrane. In this way the pigment and the body fluids cannot go up inside it. The disposable handle completely eliminates the risk of cross contamination. TPEC modules guarantee an optimal result in complete safety.


The Derma Medical 4 is not only sensitive, but also very intelligent. This way you can see on the display which needle has been fitted and whether it is installed correctly. It is possible to read what pressure the needle is exerting and how long it has been working.

The Derma Medical 4 is sold with 2 handpieces.


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