Relife has pioneered, through a process of thoughtful innovation, a new avenue in aesthetic medicine:

  • In response to new aesthetic needs
  • This solution is an effective tool at the service of doctors
  • Which helps achieve aesthetic goals

Definisse Threads Absorbable Support Threads are a line of synthetic monofilament (L-polylactic acid and caprolactone, p (LA-CL)) lugged yarns indicated when tissue support is required.
The notches of Definisse absorbable support threads are designed to achieve an immediate lifting effect, as well as a delayed lifting effect by fibrosis all along the thread.

The notches arranged along the support threads act as anchor points to enhance and support the surrounding tissue.
After the support wires are applied, the notches open like mini umbrellas to form a support structure that enhances sagging skin.
Thanks to these notched threads, it is possible to form a “J-stitch”.


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