Langmair PowerLiner Pro machine




With the power of a Tattoo machine combined with the fineness & lightweight Handpiece of a PMU device for lightweight work with Power! 

This high-end machine has the power in the handpiece of a tattoo machine, but the fine precision and lightweight handpiece for the PMU professional!

The Handpiece has its own special built-in motor that provides more power but also less vibration and allows you to work silently.

This handpiece has a wide choice of different needles that can be placed on it. This gives every specialist sufficient choice to work with the desired needles. The PowerLiner has multiple Nano Needles that allow the real specialist to work even more refined with Nano techniques for Shading and ultra-fine lines.

• Silent
• Little vibration during brewing
• Lightweight
• LED touchscreen
• Works very accurately
• Small & handy Basic Module
• Large range Cartridges that meet all safety requirements • 72 hour repair service
• EU certification
• Made in Germany
• Very powerful pen/handpiece with a separate motor for balanced power and extra precision during sewing: 50/150 stitches per second


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