Ostenil Plus 40mg 1x2ml

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One pre-filled syringe of 40 mg/2.0 ml OSTENIL Plus in a sterile pack.


What is Ostenil Plus?

Ostenil Plus can treat knee joint paint to increase mobility in the indiviual when the knee joint has undergone trauma or degeneration.


1 ml isotonic solution (pH 7.3) contains 20.0 mg sodium hyaluronate from fermentation and sodium chloride, sodium monohydrogenphosphate, sodium dihydrogenphosphate, mannitol and water for injection.

Who should not take Ostenil?

Individuals that are sensitive or have known allergies to drugs should take care and seek medical advice before taking Ostenil. Ostenil should be avoided if there any infections at the knee joint.

Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should avoid using Ostenil, as well as children and also anyone with rheumatoid arthritis or Bechterew disease.

Are there any associated side effects with Ostenil?

Redness and swelling, as well as pain and increased sensation of heat can be felt at the area of injection at the knee point. An ice pack should be applied to the knee five minutes after to increase blood flow to the are and significantly increase the wellbeing of the site.

How is OSTENIL administered?

Before use, check the pack has not been tampered with and is still sterile. Break the tamper evident seal and remove the cap before removing any air bubbles from the pre filled syringe. Ostenil Plus should be injected into the knee joint cavity away from veins and away from muscle tissue. Inject once every week for 3 injections..

How long will Ostenil provide pain relief?

The treatment will last for several months.

What is in the box?

1 x pre-filled sterile syringe of 40 mg/2.0 ml OSTENIL


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