CUTEGEL S is one of the highest range quality fillers based on cross-linked hyaluronic acid. Adapted to the needs and physiology of the skin, Lip lines and Wrinkles. It allows you to perform a full spectrum of treatments, from mesotherapy to volumetry. Buy Cutagel S online it has all preparations in the CUTEGEL range, contain 3D cross-linked hyaluronic acid. CUTEGEL production technology is protected by international patents.



Cutegel S 0.7ml is a lighter filler with a particle size of 200um that is great for treating lip wrinkles, fine lines and lip contour. Permanent results for about 6-12 months.
Completely safe, viscoelastic and homogeneous, and easy to apply.
A sterile gel containing physiologically and crystal clear – without the BDDE cross-linking agent, cross-linked hyaluronic acid.

The product is packed in a sterile pre-filled syringe with two UTA needles. The UTA needle has a larger bandwidth, which increases the smoothness of injection and allows reducing the pressure on the piston usually by 35%.


  • Hyaluronic acid 20 mg / g
The package contains
  • 1 x 0.7ml pre-filled syringe
  • 1 x UTA needle: 30G


  • Valley of tears
  • Puppet lines
  • The contour of the paragraph
  • Fine, shallow wrinkles

The product can only be used by professionals.

Upon completion of the purchase, you will know that you are a doctor or cosmetologist trained in the design of aesthetic medicine.


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