ELECTRI 0.55% (1X1.5ML)


An innovative mesotherapy preparation containing sodium succinate and hyaluronic acid. Redermalization – an innovation in anti-aging therapy. Prevention of premature skin aging. The treatment with the use of the preparation can be performed by injection or cannula method.



Electri 0.55% 1×1.5 ml

Redermalization is an excellent method of correction and prevention of age-related skin changes. It allows you to restore the structure and quality of the skin, while improving such morphological and functional features as: elasticity, elasticity and the degree of hydration. Redermalization treatments inhibit skin aging processes not only by its proper hydration, but also by influencing the processes regulating energy production in skin cells. The combination of succinic acid and hyaluronic acid more strongly stimulates the increase in the number of fibroblasts, collagen and amino acid synthesis compared to the single-component substance of hyaluronic acid.


  • ♦ Dehydration of the skin
  • ♦ Vascular microcirculation disorders in the dermis
  • ♦ Deterioration of skin tension
  • ♦ Uneven color
  • ♦ Loss of radiance and healthy color
  • ♦ Fine lines
  • ♦ Discoloration


1 glass syringe with 1.5 ml of the preparation, 2 needles 30G 13 mm.


♦ Concentration of succinate: 0.55% (8.25 mg / ml)
♦ Concentration of hyaluronic acid: 1.6%
(24 mg / ml)


Provides a quick effect; in one treatment it solves the main problems related to the first signs of age-related skin changes without a long recovery period..



Attention! Product for use by qualified medical personnel only.

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