Perfoskin Complex (1×5.0ml)

Packaging content: 1 pre-filled syringe of 5.0 ml

Special complex for fractional skin rejuvenation.

Perfoskin Complex is a fractional rejuvenation solution of the new generation, which is combined with a deep skin moisture and does not require a rehabilitation phase. This unique process for rejuvenation and natural renewal of the skin combines the advantages of the classic microneedle method and the restorative effect of DOUBLE SYNERGIC EFFECT technology.


– Fragile skin with reduced turgor

– Superficial and deep line

– Pigmentation of different etiology

– Post-acne markings

– Comprehensive therapy for mature skin


– Pronounced lifting and smoothing of lines

– Skin renewal effect: evening from skin relief, smoothing of post-acne spots and scars

– Increased elasticity and firmness of the skin

– Improved skin quality due to increased regeneration potential: improved skin color, reduced hyperpigmentation, deep hydration and skin recovery

– No rehabilitation phase required


– Face

– Neck

– Décolleté


The Perfoskin complex consists of:

Perfoskin device – a special roller with a unique patented drum technology that exerts an “intelligent” influence on the skin and ensures maximum absorption of all active ingredients of PERFOSKIN Prederm.

The drum consists of 48 ultra-thin needles, with which over 6,000 microchannels are generated after injection as part of a procedure in the area of face / neck / décolleté to:

Make sure that the skin lobe is retracted.

Activate the neocollagel esive process (increasing skin strength and elasticity).

Ensures the release of the active substance into the dermis.

Perfoskin Prederm – a 5 ml pre-filled syringe. Perfoskin Prederm contains 0.55% hyaluronic acid and 1.6% succinic acid.


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