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ROZATROL 1×20 ml – is a medicinal serum for reddened, sensitized skin, often with erythema and also with symptoms of rosacea

ROZATROL 1×20 ml – reduces the amount of epidermal sebum to normalize the skin and exfoliates it to prevent the symptoms of premature aging.

The amino acids present in ROZATROL 1×20 ml improve microcirculation, restoring the healthy appearance of the skin and preventing signs of premature aging. The ZO-RRS anti-inflammatory complex provides strong antioxidant protection and reduces inflammation and redness.


  • ZO RRS2™:
  • amino acid complex (palmitoyl glycine
  • Farnesyl acetate, farnesol, panthenol triacetate
  • papain
  • alginic acid hydrolyzate

Directions for use:

1-2 servings of the cream should be applied twice a day or as directed by your doctor.

After using ROZATROL 1×20 ml , always use sunscreen.

Capacity 20 ml.


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