Princess Peel


Elasticity Gold Peeling Cream Reduced skin elasticity is the fact of aging. Tiny porous microneedles renew your skin. You may start seeing a difference in your skin.

2ml X 4ea

Elasticity Gold Peeling – Microneedle with porous structure activating collagen production by penetrating into deep skin Nano-sized gold ingredient in princess peel is delivered to the basal layer of deep skin and improves skin elasticity

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Elasticity peeling for skin regeneration



1. Penetrating into the horny layer and granular layer

Apply on the skin and rub with moderate pressure then microneedles penetrate into the epidermis and stimulate physically.

(You may feel stinging due to microneedles)

2. Delivery of nano-gold and active ingredients

Active ingredients are safe and fast delivered to the basal layer through porous microneedles.

3. Recovery to healthy skin

It helps blood circulation, collagen synthesis, and promotes cell division to make healthy skin. Also, it purifies the skin with nano-gold.

4. Formation of dead skin cells and exfoliation

With exfoliation, it removes blemish, blackheads, and troubles of skin and makes healthy skin.


· USE·

Apply the cream on the face following skin texture evenly. With moderate pressure, rub the cream following the opposite direction of skin texture.

Repeat 5 times with the pressure in the order of cheek – chin – forehead – nose.

Use a smoothing mask as the skin becomes sensitive due to microneedles.


Peeling will exfoliate your skin naturally within 1-2 days so do not use any type of other scrub products and do not remove dead skin cells with your fingers.

Do not scratch your skin and give plentiful moisture and nourishment with rich cream.


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