This revolutionary product wake up your skin cells, fill the skin with elasticity

Regeneration of two kinds of Gray Spicule.

Promote cell differentiation with light stimulus Anti-aging, Scar recovery, Skin color improvement.

1g x 2ea|4ml x 2ea

Main Ingredient|Hydrolyzed sponge(gray spicule)




Reborn skin, real reproduction peeling

Spicule care that lasts for 72 hours

It is purified purely by dividing the speckle of the sponge living in the clean sea. It penetrates deeper into the skin, stimulates the skin for 72 hours, promotes cell division, accelerates the exfoliation cycle, New concept peeling to restore

Micro-refined Triactine spicule

Micro-refined Monaxons spicule

Reconstruction of skin layers

Through direct micro-stimulation of the dermis, it nourishes the cells from the dermis to the ascending cell, and it gives the skin from the beginning

Corneal Reduction and Pigmentation Management

It works in the skin, accelerating the decolorization of the epidermis, and eliminating the pigment caused by the melanocytes.

Pore reduction · elasticity · wrinkle removal

It affects the cells made from the dermis so that the new skin gets taller, and the effect of anti-aging and shrinking pores makes the skin elastic without wrinkles.

Skin Trouble · Reduction of inflammation

It is effective to prevent acne skin and trouble scarring by preventing the growth of skin troubles and helping the healing of inflammation.


TIMEMACHINE PEEL Mechanism of Action

Step 1

Time machine penetration

Triactine spicule removes irregular keratin of the epidermal layer and promotes turnover

Step 2

Time Machine Phil dermis penetration

Monaxons spicule continuously stimulates the dermis to stimulate turnover

Step 3

Generation of new cells

Reduction of damaged cells and generation of new cells through stimulation of blood circulation, collagen synthesis, promotion of cell division, activation

of a turnover cycle through micro spring of gray speckle

Step 4

Reborn with new skin

Continuous microstimulation of the epidermal layer and activation of the active ingredient in the body rejuvenate the newly born cells into a young and healthy skin.


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