Pillox is a solution of lipolytics for face and body contouring from the South Korean company Humedix Co., Ltd. Humedix Co., Ltd. was first established as a research institute specializing in the development of natural drugs for treating obesity and liver diseases in 2004. Since 2010, the company also manufactures medical devices and various cosmetology products, such as HA-based fillers (Pillox).


Pillox Lipolytic is a fat-melting solution for local reduction of subcutaneous fat and correction of body contours and shapes. The product contains no steroids and PPC; it has only natural ingredients in the composition, such as algae and plant extracts, carnitine, fucoidan, and pycnogenol.

Strengths of Pillox Lipolytic:

  • minimally-invasive alternative to surgical fat removal (liposuction)
  • ideal solution for those who wants fine local correction of body and facial contours
  • natural composition: no steroids, PPC, and preservatives
  • high-purity and sterile product of medical quality
  • painless procedure: no anesthesia is required
  • the product brings some elasticity and smooth texture to the skin

Pillox Lipolytic is used for slimming and contouring of face and body shapes.

Scope of Pillox Lipolytic:

  • face and neck: double chin reduction, chin contour correction
  • waist area (belly, love handle, back)
  • legs (gluteal fold, thighs)
  • arms (armpits and upper arm areas)
  • reduction of cellulitis

Product composition: Sodium chloride, Horse chestnut extract, Fucus vesiculosus extract, Fucoidan, Carnitine, Pycnogenol

Pillox Lipolytic

5 vials × 10 ml per pack.


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