MesoMedica Lipolysis Phosphatidylcholine (5x10ml)


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Product information “MesoMedica Lipolysis Phosphatidylcholine (5x10ml)”

With MesoMedica Phosphatidylcholine Lipolysis, local fat deposits on all parts of the body melt away quickly and reliably. This product is used for stubborn fat deposits. Regardless of whether it is fat deposits on the face, such as a double chin or sagging cheeks, or whether the problem area is more in the abdominal area – MesoMedica Phosphatidylcholine Lipolysis can be used on the whole body and ensures an appearance that corresponds completely to the dream. This product gets its effectiveness from phosphatidylcholine(PPC), which is a liquid form of lecithin. It is made from the soybean and is completely vegan. PPC serves as an emulsifier, which loosens the fat from the fat cells and thus enables them to be removed quickly. Also in MesoMedica phosphatidylcholine lipolysis is the active ingredient deoxycholic , which acts as a biological detergent. Fat cells and their membrane components are dissolved and the body can metabolize and finally excrete the extracted fat.

The MesoMedica product range

With MesoMedica , customers choose the mesotherapy solution from a brand that has been a leader in this area for 20 years. The formulation is designed for immediate use and does not require additional mixing. The products in this line cover a wide range of applications. Regardless of whether you are looking for an anti-aging solution for the eye area or whether you need a gel implant to compensate for volume – MesoMedicaprovides a highly specialized product for each area that meets the desired requirements. Every single product has carefully selected ingredients. Plant extracts dominate here, but also specialized protein compounds to optimally support the skin during regeneration. MesoMedica products place a special focus on keeping sensitive facial skin healthy. All products in the mesotherapy line are particularly suitable for minimizing or even completely eliminating photoaging phenomena. This effect is achieved with hyaluronic acid found in MesoMedica productsis in high purity. Pigment disorders are eliminated and the skin is given a radiant, fresh, plump appearance thanks to the strong moisture-binding effect of hyaluronic acid .

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Treatment areas:

Ideal for treating the following areas:

  • chin
  • Hanging cheeks
  • belly
  • Thigh
  • Cellulite
  • Knee wrinkles

5 ampoules of 10ml

The main ingredients of MesoMedica Phosphatidylcholine Lipolysis include:

Phosphatidylcholine (from soybean) 100mg / ml, deoxycholic acid

The issue may only take place with an original medical prescription. This regulation does not apply to anyone involved in the healing trade or the health sector.
The manufacturer and we as the seller point out that injections of products with and without lidocaine should only be carried out by trained and medically trained personnel.


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