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Recommended protocol:
1 session every 21 days, to maintain the results protocol can be adapted according to the maturity of the skin skin.

Apply the contents of the ampoule on the interested parts (abdomen, thighs and buttocks) by massaging gently until completely absorbed each ampoule is sufficient for a single application. In case of very extensive cellulite apply one ampoule in the morning and one in the evening until it improves.

Treatment area:
Arms, Abdomen, Gluteus, Legs.
The duration of the treatment and the constance in the applications are excellent allies for the quality of the results!

How to apply

Apply to the area or add it to a cream / mask or other types of electrotherapy treatments such as ultrasound, ionization or other types of medical devices used in beauty treatments.


5 ml. x 5 ml. Sterilization:
filtration –
Pyrogen free – Ready to Use Conservation condition: 2oC to 25C keep away from light and heat


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