12 Threads

Available in:

– 19G 90mm – 145mm 0 USP

– 20G 60mm – 115mm 2-0 USP

– 20G 90mm – 145mm 2-0 USP



PDO PT 4D is a bidirectional notched yarn that holds the skin like a double hook when tightening the yarn. It aims to reposition and restructure the skin. It is the most powerful solution for any area of the body and face.

CROMA offers a complete range of high quality tensor threads according to the patient’s need. They are made up of polydioxanone (PDO) which is reabsorbed after the proliferation of collagen has been stimulated by fibroblasts.

CROMA tensor threads support tissue and stimulate collagen. They help reshape the face and restore the elasticity of the skin. This simple and reliable technique of lifting by threads allows to obtain natural and remarkable results on the face and the body.


• An ergonomic sleeve for quick and easy application
• A needle / cannula with an ultra-thin wall allowing the use of thicker and more solid threads
• Needles with incisal edges limiting the risk of trauma
• A special coating on the needle / cannula for better patient comfort
• An automated production process
• A range of CE marked products


Products sold on are Para pharmaceutical products unrestricted for sale but must be used by a doctor.


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