Tip for Beauty Monster Black plasma pen


Tip for Plasma pen. 1 box contains 5 tips.


Mediselor plasma pen tip

Beauty monster black plasma

Product detail: 1 packaging contains 5 tips.


​Stainless steel for medical use (stentimplantation material used for inplants, artificial joints, discs etc.), made of:

SUS 316 which is alloyed, of 71.9% iron, 18% chromium, 8% nickel, 2% manganese, 0.1% carbon.


​1 tip is used approximately for 8-10 clients. The tip is getting shorter after every usage, it can be used until it reaches the wide part of the tip, after that, it is time to change the tip.

Tip is never touching the skin, there is always a small space between the tip and skin of the customer so the electric discharge can occure.

Always disinfect the tip after the usage.

Made in Korea


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