Microneedling Artmex V7


Artmex V7 is a highly perfected micro pigmentation device offering everything that experts need! It is a smart and very powerful instrument with computerized operation. Depending on your procedure (e.g. lips or eyebrows, etc.), you can choose between different operation modes. All modes can be set in advance and adjusted.


Artmex V7 – professional device for the discerning – warranty 24 months

-skin micropuncture treatments

-skin micropigmentation treatments

Features of the device:
1. Elegant design of the machine
2. New, more powerful machine motor
3. Comfortable and lightweight handle that allows the treatment to be carried out efficiently
4. LCD panel and speed control monitor
5. Built-in frequency control for individual skin areas
6. Adjustable level of speed control
7. Adjustable level of needle insertion depth
8. Ability to track total usage time for proper maintenance.

Artmex V7 allows you to perform treatments such as micro-needle mesotherapy, as well as permanent makeup.

the Artmex V7 ruler has two types of needles/cartridges we can work with:

mesotherapy cartridges (MTS)-for micro-needle mesotherapy treatments. The treatment involves a series of punctures, followed by the introduction of active substances under the skin. Direct delivery of the product to the dermis layer of the skin causes rapid tissue regeneration and stimulates the production of collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, glycosaminoglycans and other components of the intercellular matrix. This provides spectacular cosmetic results, impossible to achieve with an ordinary cream.

pMU permanent makeup cartridges- Enable precise and permanent contouring of the face. The most common permanent makeup is : line on the upper and/or lower eyelid, eyebrow correction, lip makeup.

Artmex V7 Technical Specifications:

Model: Artmex – V7

Adapter: 100-240 V

Weight: 2650g

Size: 290mm * 273mm * 105mm

Purpose: micro needle mesotherapy, permanent makeup

Working levels: 21

Depth adjustment: 0.25 – 3mm

Number of punctures: 27,000 / min

Warranty period: 24 months


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