Feelgood Flamingo Deluxe PMU Device


Working with the Feelgood Flamingo PMU device is a pleasure. This is a piece of high-quality German engineering combined in a fantastically designed machine. Can be used in combination with laser and the Coolspot.


The Feelgood Flamingo Deluxe PMU device is a piece of high-quality German technology combined in a fantastically designed machine. The combination of superior technology, comfort and luxurious design will satisfy even the most discerning permanent make-up specialist. The device is light and mobile, yet extremely stable. The Flamingo Deluxe has an aesthetic luxury Touch interface in peach tones, combined with aluminum. With this device you can place the finest permanent make-up and you can perform various MESO treatments. In addition, the device can be used in combination with a laser and the Coolspot.

The Flamingo Deluxe is a unique device because:

  • it is precisely controlled by a microprocessor
  • it is completely made of high-quality aluminum
  • it reaches a frequency of 90-200 per second
  • it is suitable for MESO treatments
  • it is vibration-free due to a stabilizer
  • it contains a microchip that guarantees the continuity of the blows, so that even the structure of the skin can no longer influence the smooth operation of the device
  • it controls and monitors the power and frequency of the needle by means of the microprocessor so that you can pigment with the highest precision.


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