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Korean innovations offer a new luxury filler LUXFILL PLUS DEEP (1 X 1.1ML) , which has been created using a special technology that provides a smooth injection

LUX FILL is a monophasic hyaluronic acid filler that stands out from other fillers for its deep, natural hydration. LUX FILL replenishes volume loss by stimulating fibroblasts to produce their own collagen.

The LUX FILL rejuvenating moisturizing filler works very quickly to help “prolong youth” any skin with outstanding


– Rejuvenation

– Radiant healthy skin glow

– Provides hydration and moisturisation

– Fills and tightens the skin and quickly smoothes wrinkles

– The effect can last 18 months.

LUXFILL plus Deep : Deep Wrinkles/Folds/ and Lips

HA content: 24mg/ml

Volume: 1.1ml Lidocaine 0.3%


LUXFILL  retains big part of its shape 24 hours after hyaluronidase injection, which shows that it has high viscoelasticity and long duration compared to other fillers. On the other hand, 48 hours after the injection, it is completely degraded, indicating that the filler had high purity which results in minimized side effects.

LUXFILL  is a perfect monophasic product which manufactured by using special grinding machine, allowing smooth injection without breaking. Accordingly, soft, uniform gel type is easier to mold to achieve natural result.

Extrusion force is high, but injection thereafter is equal, which increases the procedure with a stable and smooth shooting. LUXFILL  belongs to a filler with high viscoelasticity. High viscoelasticity maintains the excellent volume effect for  a long time.

With the purchase of LUXFILL PLUS DEEP – 1 X 1.1ML filler in Lux-DWMS you get 5 soothing masks Regeness, which contain 6 types of complex hyaluronic acid. Regeness mask packs has several effects such as sin protection, increasing moisture retention, calming down trouble skin, increasing elasticity.


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