Regenyal Idea Lips 1 x 1ml


Regenyal idea lips is a product created exclusively for interventions on lips.


Regenyal Idea Lips visibly enlarges the lips and beautifully reshapes the lip contour. The proportions of the upper and lower lip can be improved in a natural way. In addition, Regenyal Idea Lips provides your lips with the necessary moisture and a natural shine. The result: your lips feel soft and supple again. It is also suitable for increasing the volume of the lips. The state-of-the-art manufacturing process of Regenyal Idea Lips ensures long-lasting results.


  • Lips
  • Corner of the mouth


  • Hyaluronic acid is obtained through a long-lasting cross-linking process at low temperatures (gentle cross-linking).
    Slow mixing allows the crosslinking agent BDDE to be better and more evenly distributed.
  • The amount of BDDE is 30 percent less than in competitor products. In addition, the different molecular weights of the hyaluronic acid used allow better calibration of the material’s viscosity properties, depending on the intended type and range of application.
  • Regenyal products are extremely homogeneous and thixotropic. They are single-phase gels that are easy to spread and – last but not least – more resistant. The innovative manufacturing process is protected by an international patent.


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