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Cytosial Volume 1 x 1.1ml

Velvet technology for a natural beauty effect

Fillers based on hyaluronic acid Cytosial are a complete novelty on the aesthetic medicine market. Developed and produced in the French Bioxis Pharmaceuticals biotechnology laboratory in Lyon in accordance with all European standards in the patented Velvet Technology.

Why “velvet technology”?  

For centuries, velvet, considered the noblest material, is appreciated for its incredible softness, delicacy combined with durability. It beautifully fits the imposed shape. All this perfectly reflects the features of Cytosial ®, which structure resembles our intercellular substance that binds skin cells. This means that after administration, the product blends perfectly with the tissues, it is practically imperceptible to the touch, and the effects of the treatments are so natural.

The lowest cross-linking agent content on the market makes Cytosial very safe. Thanks to the latest technology working in harmony with nature, Cytosial meets the expectations of a modern, consciously caring woman who appreciates natural beauty and appreciates the discoveries of science, just like you


  • Volumetric lifting
  • Very large volume losses
  • nose shape correction
  • The line and angle of the lower jaw
  • Cheekbones
  • Cheeks

Cytosial Volume:

  • needles size 27G
  • HA concentration 25mg / ml
  • injection force 10-25 N
  • injection depth deep skin layers, subcutaneously


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