Revitalize Hair acts at the dermal level on fibroblast situated next to the follicles bulbs optimizing the development of the hair matrix.



My Filler Revitalize

Steps to success

My Filler delivers optimal results after the treatment and achieves a high level of patient satisfaction. This great feedback makes My Filler the “number one choice” for beauty professionals worldwide.

The success and satisfaction of the patients with My Filler is incredibly high. 98% of patients will only carry out the next treatment with My Filler products.

The beauty doctors are so convinced of My Filler that they use it every day in their practice.

Such an achievement in the highly competitive beauty sector is unmistakable and thanks to the high quality and reliable distribution network of My Filler, the product wins the trust of beauty doctors and patients every day.

Revitalize product line

My Filler has many years of experience in injectable dermal filler technology (Medical Device Class III). Thanks to our scientific background and our drive to offer first-class products, My Filler has expanded its anti-aging product line to better serve patients and professionals who place their trust in our products.

“New Life to the Skin” from My Filler expands the range of application and creates My Filler “Revitalize”, the special product line for mesotherapy procedures.

My Filler Revitalize provides a modern range and a complete portfolio of sterile, up-to-date cosmetics for professional use.

Revitalize hair

Hair loss at an early age creates discomfort and embarrassment for anyone, man or woman. Revitalize Hair works by preventing, re-densifying and stimulating the hair matrix that is responsible for the growth of hair and eyebrows.

In addition, Revitalize Hair acts on the dermal level on fibroblasts next to the hair bulbs, optimizing the development of the hair matrix.


Care of the scalp and promotion of hair growth.


The Revitalize Hair treatment is recommended through microneedle therapy and / or virtual mesotherapy such as electroporation.

Frequency of applications

In the first and second month: 8 sessions every 7 days.

Support of results: 1 session every 30 days.

Active ingredients

  • DHQG
  • EGCG
  • Glycine and zinc

Packaging: 5 ampoules of 10 ml.

Minimum shelf life: 3 years after production.


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