A sensational, non-surgical alternative to eyelid blepharoplasty.

and AD Specifications:

  • Power supply: 50-60Hz
  • Plasma discharge voltage: 0.8 – 7kV Pen size: 12.50cm
  • Pen weight without heads: 0.64dag
  • Indications of the relative air humidity: up to 80% Indications of the ambient temperature: + 5oC – 40oC
  • Atmospheric pressure indications: 60.0 kPa – 110.0 kPa
  • Storage: store in a dry place at a temperature of + 5oC to + 40oC and a relative air humidity of up to 80%.

Warranty: 2 years from the date of purchase.



Until now, the only way to get rid of drooping eyelids and excess skin on the eyelid was surgery, which not everyone wants to undergo due to the recovery time, scar and anesthesia remaining after the procedure. Thanks to our device, eyelid blepharoplasty is possible in every office. The treatment is almost painless, safe and very effective. Of course, depending on the condition of the skin, 3-5 treatments are needed at 4-8 week intervals depending on the intensity of the treatment already performed.

Plasma research has also shown that it is great for treatments such as:

  • removal of blood vessels,
  • removal of fibromas, warts of viral origin,
  • stretch marks removal,
  • scar removal,
  • eliminates discoloration,
  • improves skin firmness,
  • improves the oval of the face.

of this phenomenon is commonly referred to as cold plasma?

Cold plasma is produced at relatively low temperatures and densities, in terrestrial conditions (for example, during lightning strikes) and in man-made devices. Its composition, apart from the components forming hot plasma, can also include atoms and their ions, as well as molecules (both neutral and ionized). Unlike hot plasma, the ionization of particles is not complete – the system has energy to detach only the “top” electrons from the particles. Depending on the intensity of the flowing current in the plasma, three states are distinguished:

  1. “black current” at very low intensity – no visible light emission,
  2. with increased intensity, the plasma begins to produce light,
  3. an electric arc is generated when the current exceeds a certain limit value.

What is the use of the plasma phenomenon in cosmetics?

Our camera produces a controlled and very precise plasma beam by ionizing the gases contained in the air. A small electric arc is created, which in a controlled way is able to coagulate the skin at the site of its operation. As a plasma beam is used for coagulation, the procedure, unlike traditional alternating current coagulation, is almost painless, does not cause inflammation, inhibits bleeding, and prevents bleeding. negatively affects the surrounding tissues. The depth of penetration of the epidermis is very precise and optimal, because the plasma itself finds the highest points on the skin.

Plasma is an ionized gas, electrons removed from atoms create ionized gas, i.e. plasma. Plasma is also defined as the fourth state of matter. In our case, the plasma is quasi-neutral, low-temperature, with the same number of positive ions and negative electrons. In order to generate a spark, air (containing free electrons) must absorb a large amount of energy, leading to a breakdown of the air, which ceases to be an insulator and begins to conduct electricity – hence the spark is created. The air is ionized and a plasma is formed.

Plasma discharges are generated with a high voltage of 4-6 kV at a very low current> 1mA. During treatment, it is necessary to increase the conductivity of the skin by applying a special gel. The electric circuit is closed using the passive electrode.


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