Bonetta Filler Volume (2 x 1ml)



Bonetta Filler Volume ticks all the right boxes a budget filler king needs to check. This HA gel is:

  1. Affordable in price
  2. Offers premium quality
  3. Is completely safe to use
  4. Provides lasting effect
  5. Looks completely natural once injected
  6. Doesn’t have adverse side effects

The natural look with Bonetta Filler Volume

A common problem with dermal fillers, HA gel purposed for facial feature sculpting in particular, is the so called filler “leaking”. This happens when the injected Hyaluronic solution moves to neighboring of the injection area parts of the base. This often leads to loss of form of the facial augmentation and also bump and lump formation, under the skin. To prevent this, the skin filler must have stable structure and sufficient cross-linking factor, as well as high enough viscosity and elasticity. Bonetta Filler Volume comes guaranteed to not only look naturally upon injection, but also provide lasting and beautiful results for months ahead.

The injection of the Bonetta Filler Volume is completely painless. Not only are the needles that are in the pack made from the highest quality medical steel and with very thin walls, but the Hyaluronic acid gel also contains 0.3% Lidocaine solution. No discomfort during injection and no required downtime for the patient after their facial sculpting procedure is offer.


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