Cross-linked dermal filler in the form of a highly purified gel, produced according to innovative, patented methods that give the gel a special structure. This guarantees an optimal and long-lasting aesthetic effect, The product spreads evenly in the interstitial spaces of the skin, maintaining exceptional durability, while clearly maintaining the correction as natural as possible, It is a new model of corrective therapy: “restructuring of macro areas” due to cohesiveness, softness, expansion and ease of administration of the product during injection. Highly purified, cross-linked HA gel produced according to patented methods that guarantee optimal and long-lasting aesthetic effect (viscoelasticity), The unique shape of the HA molecule makes the product compatible with the tissue – a natural effect after administration, the so-called “BODY LIKE
INDICATIONS: strong skin depressions, increasing the volume of the lips, remodeling the contour and oval of the face, Perfect for application in the chin, zygomatic areas, nasolabial folds
DURATION OF THE EFFECT: The period of sustaining the effects depends on the depth and location of the application and is on average 3-6 months. COMPOSITION: Cross-linked hyaluronic acid (high viscosity) 25 mg in phosphate buffered saline [Cross-linked 1,4-butanediol diglycidyl ether (BDDE)]


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