CUTEGEL N is a versatile highly elastic permanent filler designed to eliminate the symptoms of skin aging, fill lesions (scars, furrows) and improve aesthetics in the entire face area. It is perfect for leveling, for example, the nasolabial furrow, because it allows you to fill it with full natural facial expression. CUTEGEL N allows you to give your lips the desired volume, without the effect of artificiality. The results obtained during the treatment last for about 12 months *.



CUTEGEL is a range of the highest quality fillers based on cross-linked hyaluronic acid. Adapted to the needs and physiology of the skin, it allows you to perform a full spectrum of treatments, from mesotherapy to volumetry. All CUTEGEL products contain 3D cross-linked hyaluronic acid. CUTEGEL production technology is protected by international patents.

Crystal clear – completely devoid (content below the detection limit) of the BDDE cross-linker, nucleic acids and pyrogenic agents. Safe – tested by world-class institutes and polyclinics (including the University Hospital in Guro). Optimally viscoelastic and homogeneous – easy to apply and flexible in the tissue. Stable and durable – highly resistant to biodegradation, as shown by tests (including hyaluronidase resistance test, WRS and GAIS measurements). Comfortable and natural – the tissue behavior imitates natural hyaluronic acid and their osmolality is similar to saline. CUTEGEL is a hyaluronic acid of completely non-animal origin. This increases the safety of use and reduces the risk of allergic reactions.

To ensure maximum safety, the entire product range has been subject to clinical trials that meet the requirements for medical implants. The 5-year clinical trials have shown that CUTEGEL is a product with the following qualifications: implant-prosthesis. The entire CUTEGEL product range has the highest KFDA 4 safety certificate. The entire product range and the factory are CE and ISO certified.

Over 1,500,000 treatments with CUTEGEL have been performed all over the world. No allergic reaction was reported.

CUTEGEL N is a versatile filler in the form of a sterile physiological gel containing crystal clear cross-linked hyaluronic acid without BDDE cross-linking agent. The product is sterile packed, in the form of a pre-filled syringe equipped with two UTW needles. The UTW needle has a greater capacity, which increases the smoothness of injection and allows to reduce the pressure on the plunger to 35% of the standard.


Volume: 1 ml

Hyaluronic acid 20 mg / g

Phosphate solution pH 7 qsp / g

Particle size: 500 – 600 um

UTA needle: 27 G

Injection depth: middle and deep layers of the skin


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