Pascorbin Injection Solution 50ml



Pascorbin Injection Solution 50ml

Infections such as a cold occur when invaders such as bacteria, viruses enter the body and multiply. The body reacts to this with its defense – the immune system. A strong immune system is required here. Many infections often result in a vitamin C deficiency. The level of vitamin C in the blood is not as high as it should be. This can have an impact on the body’s immune response, which may not be optimal. This can result in an increased susceptibility to infections. Chronic inflammation, fatigue, stress or even psychological overload can also lead to a vitamin C deficiency.

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, the body cannot store it, it must be supplied every day. Normally, the body is then well supplied.

Therefore, in case of severe vitamin C deficiency, the use of high-dose vitamin C infusions is advisable. Pascorbin (7.5g/50ml) is the only approved high-dose vitamin C infusion in Germany and many European countries. The high-dose ascorbic acid with 7500mg reaches the bloodstream directly as an infusion and the body is immediately supplied with the important nutrient. One reaches a clearly faster and higher availability than with tablets.

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