Prostrolane Inner B SE is a highly effective product for reducing dark circles under the eyes, sagging bags under the eyes and annoying crow’s feet

This product does not contain needles due to legal requirements.

Prostrolane Inner B SE is a filler developed by the manufacturer Caregen to treat the area around the eyes. There it revitalizes and beautifies the skin and ensures a lastingly fresh and radiant appearance. The tissue under the eyes is moisturized. Thanks to an extraordinary active ingredient complex consisting of hyaluronic acid and a four-part peptide complex, the gel implant reduces dark circles under the eyes and heavy bags under the eyes. It can also be used to visibly reduce crow’s feet. Overall, the filler creates a revitalized, younger-looking and fresher eye area. This gives you an alert and radiant expression that makes you appear more attractive and open.

Why Prostrolane Inner B SE is an extremely effective product

Prostrolane Inner B SE was specifically developed for the treatment of the eye area. The gel implant nestles optimally into the tissue under the thin skin of the eyes. This can be used to conceal unsightly dark circles under the eyes and heavy bags under the eyes for months. The entire facial expression appears softer, more open, younger and fresher and the eyes regain their shine. The filler provides the tissue with ideal moisture and also promotes the body’s own collagen formation.

The unique technology of Prostrolane Inner B SE

The highly effective filler from the manufacturer Caregen works with unique technology. The effect is deliberately delayed for around two weeks, so that the effect occurs more slowly and lasts longer. The changes are therefore gentler and more natural. The product consists of four peptides and hyaluronic acid that make the skin appear smoother, younger and brighter. If you want to give your patients a radiant eye area, you can purchase Prostrolane Inner B SE today.


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