Bonetta Filler Deep (2 x 1ml)



Bonetta Filler Deep is somewhat similar to another sweetheart if the budget lip filler market – Gana Ha Type B. Ever so slightly softer, but at the same time – containing lidocaine, this dual filler offer allows the doctors to take care of a variety of skin problems for their patients. A single box, comes with two pre-filled syringes of sterilized Hyaluronic acid gel (non-animal origin) and they are completely ready for out of the box usage, as the high quality needles necessary for proper application are included in the pack. The double amount of the product means that when injecting, dermatologists and plastic surgeons have enough to add the necessary volume and contour to the patients lips, while at the same time tackling additional issues like deep frown or smile lines and more importantly – nasolabial folds.

The Bonetta Filler Deep will also be an option for a very light nose bridge re-touch (mild rhinoplasty) and slight augmentations of the chin.

Bonetta Filler Deep – why this gel?

Finding cheap fillers online is not difficult but the brands that offer no compromise to the Hyaluronic gel quality are very few, especially in the budget price range. When opting to use Bonetta Filler Deep, doctors receive:

  • Ready to use out of the bx products
  • Very high-quality HA gel
  • Lasting effect for the patient
  • Completely safe and bio-degradable solution


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