Pluryal Antiox 5x 5.0ml



Pluryal Mesoline Antiox is a mesotherapy product for face and hair care to revitalize the skin, hair and scalp. Pluryal Mesoline Antiox fights free radicals, regulates oiliness and prevents hair loss. This mesotherapy product contains active ingredients such as 4 antioxidants, 4 amino acids and 2 minerals with the ability to make the skin and hair look healthier, stronger and more radiant. Apply Pluryal Mesoline Antiox on the face, neck, décolleté, hair and scalp. The effect is immediate and visible from the first session. For best results, the treatment should be applied in a course of 5 sessions, 10 days apart. For maintenance, repeat the course every 6 months. This product can be used in microneedling or injection treatment.


Pluryal offers a range of safe and effective mesotherapy products to reduce the signs of aging. These products contain ingredients that target specific skin problems of the face, hair and body, with a long duration and natural-looking result.


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