Reborn PLLA hydrogel filler
The main ingredient of Reborn PLLA hydrogel filler is poly (l-lactic acid).
It stimulates the body to produce collagen.
It uses mesodermal therapy and is injected to a depth of 0.9mm-1.6mm.
You can use a mesogun or a microneedle.
It solves skin problems such as shallow wrinkles, red blood, and dark complexions.
After 3-4 courses of injection, the effect can be maintained for 1-1.5 years.


Reborn PLLA Hydrogel is the newest skin cosmetology method around the world reborn plla hydrogel main component is poly-l-lactic-acid which can also stimulate the skin to produce collagen and at the same time replenish water and loss of collagen, to make skin moist, soft, shine and bright it really solves the problem that dermis skin lacks water and collagen loosed, and it can restore elasticity and whiten.
Introduce it as below; Reborn PLLA Dermal Filler 2ml gel in prefilled syringe,1 syringe/box
(1) The main effect of our filler PLLA is for filling and lifting. It can be used for face, neck, breast, buttock and hands.
(2) Super long effect the effect will keep more than 1years
(3) No allergy PLLA has been used in medicine more than 30years,it is without exclusion , do not need to do skin test before injection (4) Natural Effect, Stimulate itself to produce collagen and replenish lost collagen
(5) Gradual Effect, After 2 weeks ,the initial effects can be seen , and the effects are best after a month
(6) It can be resolve 7 big problems at the same time, it can make the skin white, tender, replenish lost water and collagen awake the cell regeneration function, repair the withered cells of the skin, shrink of enlarged pores, reduce discoloration, patch of ace pits.
Products Name: Reborn PLLA dermal filler hyaluronic acid injectable filler for face
Areas: NeckHand, Chest, All Face Except Nose, etc
Storage: Normal temperature and Protected from light
certificate: CE
Advantage No Nodule
Effect Time: Around 1 years
Packaging: 2ml gel in prefilled syringe ,1syringe /box
MOQ 2 pieces


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