RRS HA Eyes – 12 ampoules x 1.5 ml



RRS HA Eyes is an intradermal implant specially formulated to improve the appearance of the  skin around the eyes, that contains a non cross linked, resorbable Hyaluronic Acid associated to a protective buffer that  contains vitamins, antioxidants, micro-circulatory and blending/bleaching actives.

–  Reduce aspect of swollen eyes
–  Smooth eyes contour
–  Enhances skin elasticity

Treatment area: Area around the eyes, up to temporal area and bags under the eyes, circles, dark circles.

Active ingredients:
HA, non-cross-linked 5,0 mg/ml (7,5 mg / 1,5 ml)
Protective buffer: Organic Silicium, Antioxidants, Flavonoids, Saponins, Polyphenols, Peptides

Frequency: one procedure per two weeks (one course of procedures = 4 procedures on average)
A recommended number of procedures: the course of procedures is repeated one to three times per annum

A medical device can be injected only by a legally authorised physician in a legally authorised clinic.


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