Rejuran Healer True Skin Essence (2 vials/Box)


What Benefits Does Rejuran Healer Have? Rejuran PN/PDRN’s healing properties have several beneficial effects on the skin, as shown in their funded study7: Improved skin elasticity Improved Hydration Reduced fine lines and wrinkles Skin repair – with improved skin barrier function Skin normalization – thickening of skin, regulation of oil production Improved skin tone Improved skin texture. The conditions which Rejuran Healer have been shown to treat include: Dark eye circles Enlarged pores Skin sagging. Enlarged pores Dull skin Wrinkles and fine lines Acne scars Stretch Marks


What is Rejuran Healer Treatment?

Rejuran Healer is a rejuvenating skin treatment made of biological molecules called polynucleotides (PN). A PN molecule is a biopolymer made up of 13 or more nucleotide monomers bonded together. If nucleotides sound familiar, it is because you probably heard about it in biology class – nucleotides are the basic structural units which make up DNA!

The DNA extract in Rejuran Healer is obtained from salmon, then fragmented into PNs.

How Does Rejuran Healer Treatment Work?

The 2 main effects of Rejuran Healer, or PN/PDRN are:

Wound healing – through stimulation of growth factors, increased microcirculation,

Anti-inflammatory effects – through scavenging of free radicals and blockage of inflammatory cytokines in the body.

In Particular, Why is Salmon DNA Used for Skin Rejuvenation?

Specifications of REJURAN HEALER AUTHENTIC 100%

  • Brand: Rejuran
  • Skin Type : Combination, Acne-prone, Normal, Sensitive, Oily, Dry, Dull, Signs of Ageing
  • Skin Care Benefits : RADIANCE, Moisturizing, Anti-Aging, Whitening, Pore Control, Soothing, Sun Protection, Acne Care, Firming/Lifting, Brightening, Even Out Skin Tone & Texture, Detoxify
  • Brand Classification : Premium
  • Warranty Type : No Warranty
  • Skin Concerns : Dryness, Oiliness, Acne & Blemishes, Dark Spots & Hyperpigmentation, Dullness, Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Pores, Redness, Sun Damage
  • Product Form : Serum, Liquid


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