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Mesotherapy (or mesolift) is a technique based on the micro injection of hyaluronic acid or specific serums under the skin using mesotherapy needles or derma pen.

For obvious hygiene reasons, the syringes used are for single use.

The injection can be done by hand (called “manual” mesotherapy) or using an electronic injector, called a derma pen (or mesopen).

The derma pen, unlike a conventional injection, will allow you to perform series of micro injections at well-defined depths depending on the treatment area and the serum used.

There are three main injection methods which are:

– epidermal injection (0.5 mm)

– intra-dermal injection (2 mm)

– deep intra-dermal injection (at 4mm)

The serums that are injected are all used in general medicine and are available on the site. The doses delivered are in very small quantities (generally 0.3 ml).

To perform mesotherapy treatment, the practitioner uses equipment specifically designed for this practice.

In the context of a percutaneous injection, the material generally used is as follows:

– Mesotherapy needles have a size suitable for mesotherapy guns. The needles have a diameter of 0.4 mm and a length of 4 mm, 6 mm or even 13 mm. The mesotherapy needle is designed to facilitate percutaneous penetration.

– A mesotherapy gun (or derma pen) which allows injections to be performed with greater precision than with a conventional syringe. It allows you to precisely adjust the amount injected as well as the injection rate.

– A solution, or serum. The solutions used in mesotherapy contain products commonly used in aesthetic medicine, namely mixtures of hyaluronic acid, vitamins, trace elements and minerals, as well as other medical elements.

As with hyaluronic acid injections, mesotherapy products are adapted to all areas and to many different desired effects such as combating sagging skin, filling expression lines, crow’s feet, dark circles, tighten the pores or simply give the skin a boost of radiance and youth.

Thus, mesotherapy sessions can be anti-aging, treat scars or sagging skin, have a rejuvenating and / or filling effect for the skin, treat fine lines, fill in wrinkles, revive the radiance of the complexion, erase imperfections , etc.

Mesotherapy sessions (or mesolift) must be performed by health professionals (doctors or surgeons), in specialized establishments.

These products are recommended by order of surgeon doctors because they require an application by a medical and precise gesture.

In the industry of beauty and aesthetic medicine, these products are used more and more and the techniques have a real effectiveness on the quality of the skin, since the micro injections are done on the surface of the dermis, and are therefore much more effective than simple beauty products (serums or creams) on the desired smoothing and lifted effect.


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