HA Total Corrector Hyaluronidase



To eliminate 0.1ml of a medium filler, 50IU of hyaluronidase is needed. The product should be dissolved in 1ml of NaCl before use.

HA Total Corrector Hyaluronidase can be used to make corrections to hyaluronic acid treatments. Despite all care, not every treatment leads to the desired result. If undesirable phenomena occur, hyaluronidase is necessary to correct them in a targeted manner. HA Total Corrector Hyaluronidase contains 1500 IU and can therefore be used to completely neutralise hyaluronic acid fillers. The preparation can be administered immediately after the administration of hyaluronic acid or at another time. The hyaluronidase is available as a lyophilised powder and is dissolved in sterile NaCl before treatment. The correction solution for hyaluronidase from PBSerum comes from genetic production and usually does not require an allergy test before use. This means that even people with allergy tendencies can receive a treatment result that fully meets their personal requirements.


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