Dives LipGLAM 10x5ml


Specialized formula to improve lip vitality and color.


LipGlam X6 – Dives is a hyaluronic acid concentrate specially designed for the lips. Its purpose is to dramatically increase the level of hydration and smooth the lips, making them red and softer.

By increasing the pigmentation, their volume is slightly accentuated and their color more intense.


  • Non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid : improves the vitality and firmness of the lips thanks to a powerful moisturizing effect. It has an anti-aging effect that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Vitamin C : a powerful antioxidant needed in revitalization treatments. It has a positive effect on blood circulation and lip color.
  • Troxerutin : reduces the fragility of blood vessels, improves oxygenation and tissue nutrition.
  • Coumarin : it stimulates blood circulation.
  • Ginkgo Biloba : rich in flavonoids, these leaves have soothing and antioxidant properties.


Exists in box of 10 vials of 5ml and in vial of 5ml.

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