Beauty Method Supreme Pure HA Serum (2x2ml)



Supreme pure HA from My Skin Chemistry laboratories is one of the mesotherapeutic solutions to maintain the skin and give it a new youth.

This treatment based on sodium hyaluronic acid firms the skin thanks to the activation of the cutaneous microcirculation.

Beauty Method is a complete line of personal cosmetic products for every specific need.
All My Skin Chemistry Beauty Method products contain sonicated hyaluronic acid, an exclusive patent procedure created by LEM which allows to fragment the molecular weight of the raw material.
For our formulations we use innovative functional ingredients that answer to skin necessities. We combine specific ingredients such as mimiking growth factors, hyaluronic acid, ceramides, Vitamins and PDRN.
We select advanced compounds and texture that ensure the best stability and bioavailability, thanks to the new technological innovations and continuous research.


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