Get the Best Skin of Your Life!

Get the Best Skin of Your Life!

Over the last 20 years I have seen A LOT of skin. It has been my privilege to make a difference in the skin of those I’ve served using my knowledge of how skin responds to products, treatments, and daily care. Today, we are going to look at how YOU can achieve PRO results using the tips in this blog to get the best skin of your life!

We all know there is no such thing as a magic potion in any one product, but it doesn’t mean we dismiss using quality, high performance products. The key is balancing a good routine using quality products and a few extra tips, along with common sense. 


Let’s begin with cleanser. When I ask folks about the products they are using, they often skip right over the cleanser. My friends, the cleanser you are using is the first step in having great skin. Choosing a cleanser right for your type of skin is not important – it is crucial!

This means if your skin has brown spots or melasma, you need to use a brightening wash such as one with alpha hydroxy. If your skin is dry or mature skin, you will need to choose a cleanser with moisturizing glycolic acid or a  creamy cleanser. If you have oily or skin with acne, you’ll need a cleanser with salicylic gel or benzoyl peroxide. Sometimes you only need a non-exfoliating “resting” cleanser to rebalance your skin.

Don’t Overdo Product Selection

You have heard me say this before, but you don’t need a bunch of products in your daily routine. Sure, we all like to do the occasional 7 skins treatment or give ourselves a power treatment. But using too many products daily is not the way to the best skin of your life. No one has the time to use tons of product every day – and products NOT used regularly will not produce results. Keep it simple and dialed in to what your skin REALLY needs.

Moisturize + Hydrate + Feed + Protect Daily.

The health of our skin depends on what we put INSIDE our bodies to nourish it from within – AND – what we apply to the OUTSIDE of our skin.

You’ve heard me say moisturize right after you get out the shower in the morning and right after you cleanse before bed. I also recommend drinking a 12-ounce glass of water at this time as well. Working hydration into your routine so that it becomes a habit is a good practice.

Feed your body vitamins and minerals (feeding from the inside) and also put them on your skin (feeding from the outside). Skin loves a diet rich in greens. The chlorophyll in greens act as anti-inflammatory, oxygenator and hydrator, as well as cleansing the lymphatic system. For products, add a good vitamin C cream, and a serum rich in antioxidants to repair damaged skin.

The last step in your morning routine should ALWAYS be to protect your skin from UV rays. I love Sculplla Sun Cushion SPF 50, but you can use your favorite SPF just make sure you use it EVERY day.


If you’re using a good cleanser (and my double wash protocol) you will be removing the dead skins. But if you neglect this process, it is a good idea to do a deep exfoliation now and then. I don’t talk a lot about exfoliation because I have seen too many over exfoliate. Over exfoliating will damage the skin’s natural lipid barrier and strip the skin of the good stuff. Use caution and pay attention to your skin. If it starts looking dull, flat, lackluster, it might be time for an exfoliation. Choose a product that is gentle but effective. I love CBE Get Glowing for exfoliation. Don’t forget to exfoliate your body too. Check out my TEAriffic Body Scrub.

Additional Tips

Clean your makeup brushes regularly. It doesn’t make sense to cleanse your skin and apply high performance products and then use dirty makeup brushes. This is like mopping the floor and then dumping a bag of dirt on it. Cleanse and fully dry your face brushes OFTEN. You can use something as simple as shampoo.

Avoid excess heat (not just the sun). The cold season will expose you to fireplaces and extra heaters that will suck the moisture right out of your skin. Stand at least 6 feet away from sources of excess heat.

Keep your uncleansed hands off your face. Touching the face can lead to irritation, acne, and even scarring if you’re poking at blemishes. EVERY time you touch your face you are spreading bacteria and possibly viruses onto your skin. 

Using these tips on a consistent basis will get you on the way to the best skin you’ve ever had.

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