RRS Silisorg HA – 12 ampoules x 5 ml



RRS Silisorg HA is a CE-marked product with organic silicon and hyaluronic acid intended for the treatment of dermal depressions and subcutaneous tissue in the event of UV-induced photoaging. The combination of hyaluronic acid and organic silicon together with the protective buffer has been shown to increase the hyaluronic acid’s effect over a longer period of time.

Area of ​​use
  • Face
  • Throat
  • Cleavage
  • Back of hand
  • Inside of arms and thighs
  • Navel area
  • Stomach (stretch marks)
Organic silicon 50.0 mg/ml (250 mg/5 ml) Hyaluronic acid, non-crosslinked 2.0 mg/ml (10 mg/5 ml) Protective buffer: 0.25 mg/5 ml Resveratrol


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