NucleoFill Soft Plus 1 x 2.0ml



NUCLEOFILL SOFT PLUS 1×2.0ml – is a product for use in the eye area with a multidirectional mechanism of action. NUCLEOFILL SOFT PLUS 1×2.0ml is a product of natural origin, containing highly purified polynucleotides capable of activating skin bioregeneration processes both at the deep level (adipose and bone tissue) and at the level of the dermis (stimulation of fibroblasts). NUCLEOFILL SOFT PLUS 1×2.0ml is a powerful lifting product, giving a moisturizing effect.


  • reduction of wrinkles around the eyes
  • improvement of the structure of the epidermis and thickening of the dermis
  • deep tissue biostructure


polynucleotide gel 15mg in 2ml

The package contains:

2 20G x 13mm needles in each box


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