White In is a mesococktail designed to target unwanted dark spots. With powerful ingredients arbutin and DMCP (dimethylmethoxy chromanyl palmitate), its unique and efficient ingredient combination can treat localised sun spots, café-au-lait macules, melasma/chloasma and specific areas of pigmentation.

Up to 1.5ml per session is typically required, with each 10ml vial providing at least 6 treatments.


Product highlights:

  • High quality formula developed by leading European manufacturer Promoitalia
  • Designed for localised areas of pigmentation across the face and body
  • Ideal for stubborn dark spots; avoids downtime associated with skin peels and lasers
  • One 10ml vial can cover a full course of 6 individual application sessions

Ingredient highlights:

  • Features innovative skin brightener DMCP, a modern and synthetic ingredient which can help fade unwanted dark spots without side effects and helps protect skin from UV exposure
  • Includes arbutin, a recognised natural skin brightening ingredient and tyrosinase inhibitor. Arbutin has a similar effect to hydroquinone but without any toxicity or side effects​

Notes on administration:

The number of sessions will ultimately depend on the intensity, depth and thickness of the affected area(s) of concern. Generally, a once-weekly session for 4-6 consecutive weeks is recommended.

  1. Administer micro applications (0.05-0.1ml per single point) across all affected areas
  2. After application, massage vigorously to encourage ingredient activity and promote product diffusion​
  3. For best long-term results, it’s advised to continue treatment sessions beyond the point at which the skin spot is eliminated​.


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