An innovative product for lipolysis designed for modeling the lower part of the face. Clinically proven to be effective in correcting the double chin and shaping the area below the jaw line. Provides optical slimming of the face in the post-treatment area.


An innovative product for lipolysis, designed for contouring the lower part of the face. Its formula provides visible results both in modeling and improving the appearance of the lower part of the face. It is an alternative to local liposuction and is also ideal for correcting the second chin and in the face oval area. Its patented formula contains sodium deoxycholate, caffeine, carnitine, Japanese horse chestnut, artichoke and natural extracts. These substances cause immediate lipolysis and reduction of fat tissue in the area of the double chin. The lipolysis injection procedure improves microcirculation and lymphatic detoxification, so there is no pain or swelling.


Correction of the double chin,
Reduction of excess fat tissue,
Flabby and inelastic skin in the lower part of the face,
Dehydrated skin below the jaw line.



3 ml

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