ARES AK Dermo Restructurant 4 x 4ml




ARES AK Dermo Restructurant by CMed Aesthetics was developed as a metabolic stimulator and moisturizer for the treatment of tired looking skin and all types of tissue scars.

Succinic acid is produced and concentrated in the mitochondria, and its main biological function is as a metabolic intermediate. Many metabolic pathways, such as the metabolism of carbohydrates, amino acids, fatty acids, cholesterol, and heme, rely on the transient formation of succinate. At the cellular level, succinic acid accelerates metabolic processes that promote skin rejuvenation and may ultimately help improve skin firmness and elasticity.


  • Clean and disinfect the skin with a skin degreaser
  • Apply 1,5ml – 2,0ml of ARES product on the treated zone
  • Insert the microneedles again into the treated zone (2 passes in total)
  • Leave the product on for 5 minutes
  • Remove excess product with a cloth.
  • The treatment series can be repeated 2 to 3 times a year
  • Combination with BioRePeelCI3 treatment is possible


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