The Ultima 12 LaserComb delivers therapeutic light energy to your hair follicles through 12 medical-grade lasers (No LEDs). HairMax laser light treatments revitalize and enliven your hair follicles to stimulate growth factors, reverse the thinning process and help extend and restore your hair’s natural hair growth cycle.

This device incorporates patented hair parting teeth to part your hair for maximum laser light delivery to your follicles for a highly effective treatment.

Use the Ultima 12 just 8 minutes, 3 days a week and you can experience new hair growth with increased density, fullness and vibrancy! Continued use required to maintain benefits.

How to use

Before using the device make sure you do a sensitivity test on your forearm. Turn the device on, hold it on one spot for two minutes. Look at the spot where you held the laser light over the next five minutes, if you see any reaction such as redness or a rash do not use and please contact our customer services to return the device. After you have turned on the device place it flat on your head so that both rows of teeth a touching your scalp (if you have long hair lift it out of the way to ensure the laser energy reaches your scalp. Start at your hairline combing the device backwards pausing every half inch for four seconds (The four second vibrating timer will let you know when to move to the next spot).

Do not life the device from your scalp until ready to start a new section. Use the LaserComb 12 for just eight minutes per treatment, three days per week in order to see results. It is key to move the HairMax very slowly, you need to bath your scalp in the laser light to achieve the results.


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