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Sedy Fill Body Filler 60ml


Sedy Fill are injectable dermal fillers for non-surgical correction of body shape. The uniqueness of the product composition is based on the presence of cross-linked hyaluronic acid produced by innovative HENM technology. In such form the products possess optimal viscosity and cohesiveness and perfectly correct the skin surface acting locally without any side effects on the adjacent tissues. The Sedy Fill series include two products:  Sedy Fill 10 cc and Sedy Fill 60 cc which are hypoallergenic,  safe and demonstrate high biocompatibility.



Sedy Fill is a hypoallergenic, highly cohesive and long-lasting product for body contouring, produced by leading Korean manufacturer Maypharm.

This stable hyaluronic acid filler is indicated for deep subcutaneous injection or, in cases of non-surgical breast volumisation, underneath the tissue.

Its polymeric, crystal-clear formula is formulated with biotechnological crosslinking technology, which enables Sedy Fill’s viscous gel particles to sustain their volume, shape and projection once injected. Its low spreadability, high viscosity and cohesiveness also allow for a controlled injection that, once in situ, can be moulded and shaped. Its gel is of a density that matches the body’s natural soft tissue.

Depending on the area of treatment, it’s intended for deep subcutaneous application.


  • 20mg HA per ml
  • Polymeric, high-viscosity, crosslinked hyaluronic acid gel


  • Make a small 2-3mm puncture adjacent to the treatment area or in a natural anatomical crease
  • Disposables: micro-cannula
  • Breast: subdermal application


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