3.4.1 Crexepil De Luxe Forte Lotion 10 x 10ml



Crexepil De Luxe Forte Lotion contains a particularly high concentration of stimulating active ingredients for hair growth, including purine and pyrimidine basesplacenta extractadenosinecaffeinecayenne pepper extractphytoestrogensvitamins (such as zinc, iron, magnesium, silicon, and inositol), and sulfur-containing amino acids. Additionally, the lotion contains the effective saw palmetto extract, which reliably blocks the activity of dihydrotestosterone (a hormone often responsible for hair loss). The product also has a pronounced vasodilating effect. Panthenol and olive leaf extract have a positive effect on hair structure and give the hair a silky and shiny appearance. The application of the lotion leads to a lasting feeling of warmth and freshness.


Shake well before use. Apply 2 – 4 ml (10-12 sprays) of the lotion to the dry or moist scalp and gently distribute it with massaging movements. Do not rinse the lotion out so that the healing ingredients can fully take effect. The recommended treatment duration is 4 months, unless otherwise advised. For optimal results, use the lotion after Dixidox De Luxe Intense Shampoo 3.1.


The origin of DSD De Luxe lies in the intention to treat functional disorders and/or diseases of the scalp and hair. Through the use of advanced scientific knowledge, we have succeeded in offering more effective treatments and care.

This concern is the central element of our work and is reflected in our highest priorities: We guarantee that our products always have the highest effectiveness and contribute to maintaining and improving the health and beauty of hair and scalp.


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