Gloderm 20L (1X1ML)


Medical devices that are not intended for use by laypeople may only be given to doctors, alternative practitioners and beauticians who have trained as alternative practitioners, unless a medical or dental prescription is presented (Section 3 Number 17 of the Medical Devices Act ).


About this product

Gloderm offers an innovative range of gentle, monophasic hyaluronic acid gels to underline the natural beauty through optimal moisture supply, lifting of skin deepening as well as contouring and volume building.
Gloderm 20L Skin Filler is particularly suitable for smoothing wrinkles, tightening contours and building volume and achieves an immediately visible and lasting aesthetic
result. Nasolabial folds, frown lines and marionette lines are smoothed gently and safely, the lip contour is defined and the lip volume is filled.
Gloderm 20L has a hyaluronic acid content of 20 mg / ml, is natural and has little cross-linking.
It is therefore particularly suitable for filling moderate wrinkles and shaping lips. It is manufactured using ion-binding self-crosslinking technology (IBS-pat.pend.).


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