Innoaesthetics Hair Vital



Innoaesthetics Hair Vital is an effective intradermal treatment for androgenic alopecia in women, also known as hair loss. Hair Vital solution is based on sulfur amino acids and coenzymes for the specific treatment of alopecia in women. The product nourishes hair follicles, prevents hair loss and increases hair density. The product formula contains active ingredients such as essential and sulfur amino acids, trace elements, enzymes, vitamins and peptides that effectively improve hair thickness, strengthen hair and promote hair growth. Innoaesthetics Hair Vital treatments include at least 8 sessions, seven days apart, to achieve the best results. The treatment can be combined with other Innoaesthetics products to achieve even better results.


  • Hair loss in women


With more than a century of experience in the development of pharmaceutical formulas to improve skin appearance, INNOAESTHETICS is a globally recognized company and a flagship laboratory in aesthetic medicine.


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